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At Cast Iron Cajun, It's All About the Seasoning Y'all

At Cast Iron Cajun, It's All About the Seasoning Y'all

The name says it all. Cast Iron Cajun's seasonings and delicious cast iron recipes are what you call "Cajun finger lickin' good".

Keep reading for the full scoop on Cast Iron Cajun below. ðŸ³ðŸ‘¨â€ðŸ³

About Cast Iron Cajun

Cast Iron Cajun started, with well, a cast iron pot. When the family stumbled upon a loved ones antique cast iron collection, they felt it was only right to keep their spirit alive by creating and sharing cast iron dishes.

Cast Iron Cajun's love for food and cooking, along with their Cajun heritage, made the idea of sharing their creations fun and easy.

We have always enjoyed taking pictures of our dishes and sharing with loved ones.
- Owner, Gerard and Holly Smith

You can find shared photos and recipes, including Skillet Eggplant Lasagna, Basil Shrimp Pasta, and Cast Iron Cajun Cheesy Taco Skillet.

Cast Iron Cajon Seasoning Bundle | Cajun Creole Market

Y'all, It's All About the Seasoning

Through the family's love of food and cooking, they decided to share their own special Cajun seasoning with fellow Cajun cookers alike: Rub Y'all, Season Y'all, and Cajun Fajita.

Rub Yall Cast Iron CajunRub Y'all

The Cast Iron Cajun Rub Y'all seasoning is the perfect specialty meat rub, with low sodium content and no MSG.

You can apply their signature "Rub Y'all" seasoning to bbq beef, chicken, pork or seafood before grilling. For best results, marinate meat for 24 hours.


Season Yall Cast Iron Cajun

Season Y'all

Cast Iron Cajun's all purpose Cajun seasoning, Season Y'all, goes great on... well, everything. This combination features spices including cumin, mesquite, and red pepper seasoning.

The all purpose Cajun seasoning has a low sodium content and no MSG.


Cajun Fajita Cast Iron CajunCajun Fajita

Cast Iron Cajun's latest seasoning release is the Cajun Fajita. Guaranteed to take your Tex-Mex to the next level - Cajun style!

Cajun Fajita seasoning can be used on all protein: beef, chicken, and seafood.


Check Out These Reviews!

Rub y’all is a big hit down in Hamburg,Louisiana. The taste is perfect on all we tried - shrimp, salmon
 and ribeyes. Thank you for such a wonderful product! Ordering more for my family and myself!
- Melissa


Cast Iron Cajun is great with all meats and great on your vegetables. Recommend for everyone to try and enjoy this seasoning with any meal. Also has less salt.
- Barbara


Holy Saturday feast: sriracha (yeah sriracha. no big deal.) marinated and Cast Iron Cajun Rub chicken wings grilled hot and fast using the Vortex on the Weber kettle with Savoie's dirty rice. I gotta tell ya, at first I thought they were burned crispy critters. The high heat combined with the sriracha glazed those daggone things and kept a good spicy zing and made a dark dark thin lacquer. Those are some of if not the best wings I've ever had. #CastIronCajun #vortex #Savoie #IncredibellyApproved
- Karl


Your one Stop Cajun Shop

Our mission is to preserve the qualities that make Louisiana so special and to make them available to everyone around the world.

At Cajun Creole Market, we help local businesses, like Cast Iron Cajun, to share their unique, home-made products to customers nationwide.

Whether it's seasoning, basting spray, or an old fashioned cocktail mixer, we're a one-stop-shop to all things Cajun and Creole.

And don't forget, it's all about the seasoning y'all! ðŸŒ¶ï¸

Products | Cajun Creole Market

About cajun creole market

Cajun Creole Market Logo-2Cajun Creole Market was created to make sharing the delicious Louisiana meat, drinks, food, seasonings, recipes and other authentic goods that embody Louisiana's unique culture easy for everyone. Cajun Creole Market is your central hub for all things Cajun! We love being able to share and support local Louisiana businesses' products from our online shop with customers across the United States.

Interested in selling your Cajun-made products and bundles on Cajun Creole Market? Our network includes the big dogs, like Cajun Blast, Cajun Men Cook, Cast Iron Cajun, and Sirop Trading Co. We promote your products on, market them through our "Cajun" network, like Drip IV, NeuroMend, The Stonewall Group, Keystone, and Vested Marketing, and provide solutions using Amazon sales.

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