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Cast Iron Cajun

Cajun Seasoning Products

What makes Cast Iron Cajun unique?

Cast Iron Cajun is a fresh take on Cajun seasoning and is inspired by dishes made using a collection of cast iron pots.

There seasonings pair perfectly with just about everything, with an added Cajun Creole touch!

Cast Iron Cajun Products

Cast Iron Cajun seasonings Season Y'all, Rub Y'all, and Cajun Fajita make great additions to any Cajun Creole dish.

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Holy Saturday feast: sriracha (yeah sriracha. no big deal.) marinated and Cast Iron Cajun Rub chicken wings grilled hot and fast using the Vortex on the Weber kettle with Savoie's dirty rice. I gotta tell ya, at first I thought they were burned crispy critters. The high heat combined with the sriracha glazed those daggone things and kept a good spicy zing and made a dark dark thin lacquer. Those are some of if not the best wings I've ever had. #CastIronCajun #vortex #Savoie #IncredibellyApproved
Cast Iron Cajun is great with all meats and great on your vegetables. Recommend for everyone to try and enjoy this seasoning with any meal.Also has less salt .
Rub y’all is a big hit down in Hamburg,Louisiana. The taste is perfect on all we tried - shrimp, salmon and ribeyes. Thank you for such a wonderful product! Ordering more for my family and myself!

The Perfect Cajun Creole Seasoning For Any Occasion

Our Cajun Seasoning is so special, it's made for any dish or occasion.

We also share our love for food by sharing our recipes with all. Check out our recipes page!

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Cast Iron Cajun Seasoning

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