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New! Sirop de Saizon Bundle Package

New! Sirop de Saizon Bundle Package

You know it. You love it. And now there's more! Sirop de Saizon is now offering two new favorites that you will want to get your hands on and Cajun Creole Market has it.

Sirop de Saizon Simple Syrup

Sirop de Saizon simple syrup was created specifically to co-star the perfect old fashioned. To differentiate Sirop's sweetness from other simple syrups, the curator added toasted molasses and vanilla bean to the Old Fashioned recipe.

With originally the bourbon and rye whiskey connoisseur in mind, Sirop Trading Co. is quickly changing the way we view cocktail mixers. 

"Yes Alex. We want more!"

The OG old fashion simple syrup, Sirop de Saizon, has now added two new cocktail "sisters" to it's product line: Sirop de Clair and Amere de Saizon!

Sirop Trading Co Product Bundle | Cajun Creole Market

Sirop de Clair Cocktail Mixer

Okay, we'll say it - who else is tired of "skinny" margarita mixers 👀?

Yeah, us too! That's why Sirop Trading Co. has created a new alternative to skinny drink mixers, because let's just be honest... they are gosh awful.

Sirop de Clair is the perfect margarita, vodka, rum, gin, or French 75 cocktail mixer🍸. Sirop's new premium mixer includes flavors of roasted almonds, fresh coconut and citrus. The cocktail mixer is hand-crafted for small batches and is shelf stable, so there's no need for refrigeration.

This sister makes for a perfect cocktail every time and you only need 1/2 oz. of Sirop per serving!

Say goodbye to terrible skinny cocktail mixers and say hello to ✨Sirop de Clair!

Amere de Saizon Cocktail Bitters

Yes, we know what you're thinking and now you got it! Sirop de Saizon has created the perfect cocktail bitters to compliment your favorite old fashioned syrup (yes, that's us)!

Throw out your old bitters, because sister number two is made with cinnamon, spice and everything nice.

Mostly 😏.

Amere de Saizon's premium, aromatic bitters are curated for bourbon and whiskey cocktails. The recipe includes rich, warm cinnamon, allspice and a hint of plum bitters. Saizon's hand-crafted, small batch cocktail mixer is perfect for smoked old fashioneds, manhattan cocktails, and is a great alternative to peychauds bitters and fee brothers aromatic bitters.

Just like it's two sister products, ✨Amere de Saizon is shelf stable and does not require refrigeration.

Sirop Trading Co Product Bundle

Sirop Trading Co.'s New Orleans Inspired cocktail mixers are now available in a bundle (thank you, Alex)!

The product bundle includes all three Sirop Trading Co. "sister" cocktail mixers: Sirop de Sazion, Sirop de Clair, and Amere de Saizon. The bundle is now available on Amazon for purchase!

This is the perfect cocktail mix collection to turn anyone into a 👩‍🍳 master mixologist! Add these three cocktail mixers to create the best drinks in your neighborhood.

(Unless you don't want to share. In that case, we get that too.)

feeling THIRSTy yet?

Lucky for Cajun nation, happy hour is no longer limited to late afternoons! You can shop for the Sirop sister product bundle at Cajun Creole Market, open 24/7, to enjoy the sweet taste of New Orleans wherever (and whenever 😉) you want.

Sirop Trading Co Trio Product Bundle | Cajun Creole Market

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